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  1. 2008.08.26 Using OpenVPN Client on MacOSX

Using OpenVPN Client on MacOSX

2008.08.26 01:17 | Posted by bar4mi
It was 'M4n0f' to told me that it is very useful to use the OpenVPN.
He use the router(ASUS 500W) with the openwrt to get high performance.
To use the OpenVPN is a very attractive point in the openwrt.

On MacOS, I'm usually working on it these days, it is necessary to install the TunTap package to use it.
Installing the TunTap package

After it, I could find the OpenVPN client for MacOSX. It`s Tunnelblick.
the OpenVPN client for MacOSX

It`s very simple to install and to connect to the OpenVPN`s server. (I`ll write the server`s install configuration to the next.) I was just connecting successfully to the 'M4n0f'`s server.(He gave me a right to connect his server for one week.)

Connecting to it successfully
The Unnelblick is active on my taskbar.
This is my takbar

I think that it is very useful when we are working outside. I will install my own OpenVPN when I have some free time.
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