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  1. 2009.03.10 [MacPorts&Trac] Binding subversion with python on the Trac (3)
I suffered a pain with Python on the MacPorts. I'd like to connect Trac with Subversion to use it efficiently. But there were always a problem when its plugins were active. Finally I fixed it and knew what was a problem. 

The Trac's guide  suggests below procedures. 
sudo port install apache2
sudo port install subversion +mod_dav_svn
sudo port install trac

After these the problem is occurred when it is linked with Subversion. Python is crashed with below error message.   
Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?)

You have to follow below procedures after setting the MacPorts python as default to solve this problem. 
sudo port -f uninstall subversion-python25bindings
sudo port clean --all subversion-python25bindings
sudo port install subversion-python25bindings

After all, I could have my own knowledgebase system. ^^

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