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2007.09.11 14:29 | Posted by bar4mi
Normally I use MS Windows systems.
Recently I wanted to use an different operation system.
MS Windows system is very nice for me.
But there are some issues.
First, there are so many malicious tries to obtain my windows system.
For examples, malicious activeX which is excuted itself, vulnerable IE which allowed to lost my operation system's control, so on.
Second, I am forgetting my linux operating skill becaue I don't use them so often.
Last, it doesn't matter to me to use linux system on my desktop, except I can't use an internet banking.
Last Saturday, I installed debian linux on my desktop instead of MS Windows XP.
Five years ago, I felt that linux system was difficult to use as an desktop system.
Recent linux system was very wonderful and satisfied me on my desktop.

I will start to write my linux system's stories here from now.

PS. I will write these stories in English to improve my English skill.

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