Mount windows file systems(NTFS, FAT)

2007.09.12 00:56 | Posted by bar4mi
It was very important to me to mount windows file system(NTFS, FAT).
Because my important data were saved on past file system and I should use USB storage to move data from my linux desktop to my notebook.(It's OS is MS Windows Vista.)
The past file system's filetype was NTFS and USB storage was FAT.
There were big problems to read and to write files on NTFS and to display Korean on these file systems.
Several years ago, we couldn't wirte files on NTFS. But now I find some solutions for it.
I can use 'ntfs-3g' to write files on NTFS.

It was a issue to display Korean becase my linux desktop's main locale use UTF-8(ko_KR.UTF-8). I could solved this issue by using mount options.
On Debian linux, I just installed it like below.
apt-get install ntfs-3g

After install, configure /etc/fstab to mount NTFS and FAT. The locale option was added to display Korean in ntfs-3g.(locale=ko_KR.UTF-8). If you use another language, just change the vaule form 'ko_KR.UTF-8' to your locale. And for USB storage use 'iocharset' option to display Korean currectly.
사용자 삽입 이미지

the my configuration of /etc/fstab

Now I can access(read/write) files on NTFS and FAT and show Korean.
사용자 삽입 이미지

The NTFS partition mounted successfully

PS. If you find incorrect spelling and English structure in this document, please let me know my mistakes.