Using the burp suite on Korean Environment

2009.02.19 09:12 | Posted by bar4mi
It was painful to use burp suite (or burp proxy) on Korean website. Because it wasn't display Korean correctly on Mac OS X. I used it continually despite Korean broken. It is very powerful to use on Mac OS X better than to use it on MS Windows. It is very speedy and safe. I think so. 

I tried to find the solution to using it on correct environment. Today I knew how to set it's encoding. I tried to set it as 'euc-kr' or 'cp949' or 'ms949' or 'UTF-8'. It has always a problem to display Korean in contents window. Currently What I know is that there is no way to fix this problem perfectly. It is need to set the encoding according to the target website. If there are encoded its contents as 'UTF-8', we can see Korean to setup below command.(Otherwise you have to set it as 'CP949' if the contents are set as 'CP949')
java -jar -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 burpsuite_v1.2.jar &

We can see Korean in contents window.(The contents of TISTORY are mainly set as 'UTF-8'.) But it will be broken Korean if the contents is set as other Korean character sets.

Changing from Debian's sid to Ubuntu's gutsy

2007.10.21 09:59 | Posted by bar4mi
I love Debian Linux.

So I decided to install it to my desktop.

It worked well before I recognized compiz which offers splendid graphic event.

It was inconvenient to install and my desktop(Debian).

I decided to change Linux vendor from Debian to Ubunto which offers more convenient desktop environment.

I surprised it's simplicity, convenience.

Despite I didn't any Korean configuration, it offered clean Korean environment.

Now I can use Linux with splendid graphic animation offered by compiz.

Ubuntu with compiz

To show movie with Korean subtitle

2007.10.04 00:42 | Posted by bar4mi
I installed many movie players such as Totem, Xine, Mplayer.
Just because I didn't know what player is best to show Korean subtitle.

Yesterday, I tried to show Korean subtitle on Totem player.
I had knew that Totem is two types in debain packages.
One was to use Xine and the other was to use Gstreamer to play a movie.
It was very simple to show a movie if I used Xine. But, I can't show Korean subtitle on Totem-xine.
I had to make a separate font to show Korean subtitle on Totem-xine.
But I couldn't show Korean subtitle in spite of my efforts.

Finally, I asked ganadist what should I do.
He recommended me to use Totem-gstreamer.

I installed packages such as below.

Next, I installed 'w32codecs' package to support movie's codecs.
apt-get install w32codecs

Last, I edited the totem configuration(~/.gnome2/totem_config).

After all I could show a movie with Korean subtitle.^^
Totem with Korean subtitle
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